Surgical Development Partners is structured as a privately held company which affords us an advantage in the marketplace: long-term commitment and thinking.

We do not face the same pressures that Wall Street places on the publicly traded companies in our field. Wall Street requires that these companies strive to have majority ownership positions and consolidation rights in their partnerships – leading to a very rigid model with questionable value propositions for physician investors over time. Additionally, Surgical Development Partners is not consumed with making the next quarter’s earnings targets, but, rather, we take a much longer outlook in our decision making process.

Our capital structure and culture allow us to enter into the right partnerships with a long-term focus. While financial returns are important to our physician partners, their overriding objectives in undertaking a hospital or ambulatory surgery center project remain:

• More control over their practice of medicine
• Physician convenience
• Better patient and patient family outcomes and experience

Our interests are aligned with our physicians, and our partners appreciate knowing that their development and management partner is invested and involved for the long run.

Our capital structure and physician-centric approach allow us greater flexibility when crafting physician and hospital partnerships. A controlling interest is not our goal. We believe that because of the continued substantial contributions that physicians make to the partnerships, it makes sense for the physicians to have a majority of the ownership interest and profits. We believe that Surgical Development Partners’ minority interest positions in its projects recognize the important role of the physician and ensure that incentives are aligned with our physician and hospital partners for the long term.